The INNOCENTI Winery...



…is located in Montalcino near Fraz. Torrenieri in Loc. Citille di Sotto, on a hill 350 meters above sea level, with lands well exposed to the south, it is run by the Innocenti brothers Gianni and Massimo.

In 1961, with the purchase of the company, the INNOCENTI family, consisting of Livio and his father Sabatino, settled in an area that thanks to the favorable characteristics of the climate and soil is highly suited to the cultivation of grapes and olives.

With passion and care they began the renewal of existing olive-vines plants to adapt to farming systems and the variety to pick crops affected by bad weather, in this way from their first small plots in the seventies and eighties and through the nineties, right up until the current 5 hectares of vineyards and 3.5 of olive groves.

All work was carried out with respect to existing environmental characteristics and without altering the natural balance but at the same time keeping in mind the objective of growing quality farm products.

The vineyards are mostly full of Sangiovese grapes for the production of Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino and to a lesser extent Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for a lgt Tuscan wine called Vignalsole.

In the olive groves there are four Tuscan varieties of excellence: the Frantoio or better, "Correggiolo", the Moraiolo, the Leccino and the Pendolino which give rise to the Tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP.




The Brunello of the INNOCENTI company is the traditional choice, aged in large oak barrels of 30 hectoliters or more, for at least 2 years and in the bottle for 12 months. It has a ruby red to garnet color, an intense aroma of ripe red fruit, a strong taste given by a powerful body, tannic but elegant and harmonious. Currently the production of wine of the INNOCENTI company is about 25-30,000 bottles per year divided between Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino, Toscana lgt Rosso “ Vignalsole” e Toscana Igt "Lume" Sangiovese.

In addition to the wine and Grappa di Brunello, the INNOCENTI company produces Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil with Protected Geographical Indication. All company products are born after the entire first phase of the crop, and final processing are performed then according to the rules of good agricultural practice with integrated cultivation, the sanitation standards and also always keeping in mind the characteristics and typicalness of these products closely linked to the area from which they originated



The INNOCENTI company also carries out direct sales at its headquarters, as well as tastings and company cellar tours which are available by appointment.